Climate Action Field School - Recordings

Two recordings of Climate Action Field School panels are available for viewing, and below each recording are graphic illustrations representing what was shared in each panel.

What is Climate Action?

The Climate Crisis implicates all living things but impacts and solutions look different everywhere for everyone. This interactive panel explores different perspectives of climate action from across the Lake Superior Watershed from members of the Lake Superior Living Labs Network. Following a series of short presentations, participants shared their perspectives and experiences on the question – what is climate action?

*This event took place on August 22, 2021.
Graphic drawn during panel of
Graphic drawn during panel of "How did, do, and will you engage with climate action?" with many phrases, in particular "We need to fundamentally rebalance our relationships".
Graphic drawn during panel of

Climate Justice Across the Lake Superior Watershed

What is climate justice and what does it mean to be a good future ancestor? This webinar showcased stories and perspectives from folks engaged in climate justice across the Lake Superior watershed and beyond. Chúk Odenigbo (Future Ancestors) kicked off the conversation with a keynote address, followed by Shadiya Aidid (Fossil Free Lakehead), Shelby Gagnon (Indigenous Food Circle) and Candace Day Neveau (Baawaating Water Protectors) who shared experiences of their work in climate justice.

*This event took place on August 25, 2021.
Short biographies and photos of two panelists: Chuk Odenigbo and Shadiya Aidid
Short biographies and photos of two panelists: Shelby Gagnon and Candace Day Neveau
Graphic drawn during Chuk Odenigbo's Keynote Presentation about myths, legends, and stories are critical for transmitting cultural knowledge.
Graphic drawn during panel about climate action with Shadiya Aidid, Shelby Gagnon, and Candace Day Neveau - highlighting divestment, connection to land and food, and justice is what our ancestors called correcting and restoring our ways of being.