Sustainability Stories Video Series

Throughout 2020, members of the Thunder Bay hub co-created the Sustainability Stories Video Series. Our goal was to use digital storytelling to highlight efforts, share learnings, and synthesize a place-responsive understanding of what Sustainability means here in the community of Thunder Bay and across the watershed – as related to projects that our members and partners are engaged in. The videos were crafted to tell stories, prompt reflection and invite community participation. The videos also weave together some of the key themes of the LSLLN: relationships, collaboration, diversity, place, and just sustainabilities.

We want to express our gratitude to Gavin Shields, a research assistant with the LSLLN, who led the filming and editing for the Videos Series. His creativity, motivation, and commitment enabled this project, and these Sustainability Stories, to come to life. We also want to thank the Sustainability Stories working group for helping to guide the process and those who participated in the videos.